Pursuit but Fail to Get【我也不知道写了啥,脑抽产物,慎入。】

  1. Sam Winchester had a secretthat he didn’t know when he had started and liked to go to his old brother. It’svery nice of Dean to blame him. In their childhood, Dean always all sorts ofexcuses to give him the delicious food of all, being bullied at school, he willalways think of some way to find each other and the other to play one, theother he was running ,but often they will be injured. So Sam felt guilty, but Dean had a smile to appease him every time. When the cold winter comes, theywill be squeezed on a bed, Dean will be that time or a small man in his arms,breathing each other’s breathing, feel the warmth of each other. Evensometimes, Dean will kiss softly on Sam’s forehead, that’s just before puberty.

   After entering puberty, it becomesdifferent. Dean will not sleep with him again on a bed; no longer have a goodnight kiss. One day, Sam woke up from the dream and found him sticky betweenhis legs. Sam rubbed the bed sheets into the pool soaked, while unconsciouslyrubbing the soft hair. It was really terrible .he remember some of the picturesin his dream. Dean bare upper body, Sweat down the muscle down, freckles distributed around.Handsome face at the moment shrouded in a layer of abnormal crimson. Dean’sgolden green eyes looked deep at him, and then opened his mouth to wrap hispenis. Even pulled out the transparent liquid. Oh god, it’s so beautiful. But hecan’t keep going. He took some cool water, poured into his face, trying to makehimself sober. Those pictures still can not be blocked in front of him show. Hesaw Dean pressed by himself; his mouth also said dirty words. He saw Dean bitingto his lips and would not cry. He saw himself kissing Dean's body every place, leaving the bright traces….. His heart beating soon, thepenis is also slowly reacting. “What are you doing, Sammy?” A voice sounded. Juvenile quickly lookedtowards the door, Dean was looking at him at the door. Juvenile mind suddenly become blank. Dean looked at him so he wassuddenly panting. Heartbeat faster and faster, the face becomes redder. But Dean just smiled and walked over. He put his hand onthe shoulder of the juvenile. Looked at the poor and said,

“Sammy grew up. I did notthink you actually still shy, really like a little girl. Really, dude, yourexpression is like a shy little boy who has been found with parentmasturbation.” Sam did not speak. He felt the warmness of Dean's palm, like a tiny current to his heart. He remembered the wonderfuldream. In the dream all hisdirty thoughts can be realized. Touch Dean. Kiss Dean. Even leave marks on Dean….theseideas are buried in the bottom in him heart, the most secret desire. Every timeDean comes with a stranger’s perfume, the kiss marks is back and he feelsjealous. Stanger can be close to his brother, as his little brother’s own cannot. He is jealous of those who are close to Dean. He could not bear it anymore. Every time he can only lookat Dean and other people flirting, every time he saw Dean Kiss strangers, hecould longer bear. He pushed Dean to the corner.


Quickly say that I likeyou.

“Like you, love you.

Want to have you.

You only belong to me.”

Dean has not yet reacted soSam kissed Dean gently. That kiss is only gently touching the lips. The lipsare as soft as Sam thought. Dean finally reacts. He pushed Sam, his eyes no longer looking at Sam. Sam became very sad. He tried to control hisvoice not so trembling. “Dean. Do you love me?” he waited nervously to answer. For a long time Dean did not answer, the air becameembarrassing. Finally, Dean hadsome stuttering.

“Sammy…. I certainly … loveyou, even more than lovemyself….” suddenly thesurprise to the teenager was very surprised. Juvenile eyes exudes glory, joydoes not cover up. It was like a lost visitor in the desert, and finally foundthe water and way out. “But.” Juvenile tense again. “But you know, Sam. We’rebrothers. So I love you like a brother love brother, like the couple's love hasnothing to do. I will not love you now, will not later.Just what happened when nothing happened,okay?” Sam's mood is likefalling from heaven to hell. Desert lost traveler eventually desperate to find, and there is nowater and way out, it is just illusion, a beautiful illusion. But also like a heart justget a response, but now was a knife ruthless piercing. He kept silent and watched Dean Leave. Half of his body hidden inthe dark can not see the look. Droop the palm of your hand but clenched a fist, for a long timebefore issuing a weak almost hear the sound. "You are lying."


The disaster came so fast. Three months later, theWinchester family travels on the way. No one can think of, head to hit a large truck. Dean's last move was tokeep his little brother. And Sam finally realized that night Dean did not lie. He loves him, but the loveof the brothers, nothing more. But it does not matter, the end of the story of the two finallytogether, until forever, to another form.